Introduction to 3D Printing

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is an "additive manufacturing" process. To understand it better, let’s think of an apple cut into horizontal slices. When we place these slices one over the other, we have a complete apple. 3D printing works on the same principle the slices are known as layers. It prints an object layer by layer. The materials used to print vary and are covered in detail in the materials section.
The technology has been in existence for many years now. It has traditionally been a bastion of large industrial house and research institutes who used it for ‘Rapid Prototyping’ of their designs.
However, the recent revolution in 3D printing – propelled by DIY communities and other technological developments has made it more accessible and economical. It is now possible for hobbyists, freelance designers, small industries as well as school kids to use this technology – directly by owning quality 3D Printers or indirectly by getting their designs printed by online 3D printing solutions providers.   

Desktop 3d printing is taking the world with storm. It provides everyone an opportunity to explore creativity and innovation.  A utility to replenish household goods; an immensely creative toy for your children; a new medium for the casual artist –the personal 3d printer will touch many facets of our daily lives.

Power of Creation

Desktop 3D Printing brings to you the "Power of Creation". With your own  " personal 3D printer ", print what you imagine. Bring your designs to life, surprise your friends with innovative 3D printed models, create  household items, make a toy for your child, impress your clients with high quality prototypes or simply have loads of fun printing amazing things.

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Applications of 3D Printing

As the technology becomes more accessible and economical, the applications of 3D printing transcend the realms of human imagination. Keep your self updated on the latest application of 3D printing by visiting our news section. Some of the common uses presently are listed below.

  • Rapid Prototying
  • Production
  • Hobby Printing
  • Medical
  • Food Industry
  • Defence and Aerospace










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