Why should you build your own 3D printer

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  Why you should build your own 3D Printer?

Like I wrote in my previous article – 3D Printing Tips, 3D printers have found their way onto our desktops and they are here to stay.

There are two types of 3d printers available in the market. The first type are open source printers whose designs, firmware, software etc. are available for everyone to use, modify and contribute. The second type are printers whose designs are not openly available. Some of these printers use open source software and electronics but their designs remain closed.
Most of the open source printers can be easily made by anyone with a little technical know-how, by sourcing individual components or by purchasing ‘DIY Kits’. The question which naturally arises is – why make your own printer and not buy one off the shelf?

Here I try to bring forth some points bringing out the merits of making your own printer vis-à-vis buying an off the shelf model.

Why make?

1.     The designs, firmware and software are available on the open domain and are easily available. These undergo continuous upgrades as more and more members of the DIY community contribute to them.
2.     If you make your own printer, you will know exactly what to look for in case something goes wrong. Since almost all desktop 3D printers, whether open source or closed source, available in the market work on similar principle, this factor assumes much significance.
3.     It will enable you to learn a lot about open source hardware and software. This knowledge will not only be useful in your journey in the 3D printing world but will also help you as a maker.
4.    Huge support is available in the form of a large community of makers. Hundreds of forums, chat channels, blogs and you tube videos make this entire things pretty easy and exciting.
5.     You can hack and upgrade the design, rewrite the software and contribute to the community.
6.    It is much cheaper to make your own printer than buying one.
7.    These printers never become obsolete and they can be easily upgraded. Your experience in building it comes handy in upgrading it!

One of the most popular open source 3D printer is the Prusa, designed by Josef Jo Prusa. The latest version of this printer is the Prusa i3.

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