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Thank you for considering a career at 3DPrintronics. We are a fast growing 3d printing start up with an aim to bring desktop 3d printing to the masses in India. We have a fairly large share of 3d printing market in India and it is growing at a steady rate. We have had stupendous success with our DIY kits and the recently launched ‘OrdBot Hadron’ 3d printer. In order to expand and realize our future plans, we are now looking for members to join us and contribute to our vision.

What do we expect from you?

a.  Please get acquainted with what we at 3DPrintronics do. Visit our website, face book page, YouTube channel and use google to know exactly what we do. It will help you decide whether you really want to join us or no. Also, please understand that we are a start up working on a new, yet very very promising technology. We believe in what we are doing and we would want you to do the same.
b.  Work with passion, hard work and desire to contribute to 3DPrintronics as well as your own growth.
c.  Work for a minimum 6 months with us. We will put effort in training  you for the work which you are expected to do for us, so this is fair !! Do not be in a hurry to jump us.
d.  Be ready to work like engineers/makers should work - making things by their own hands. Do not expect a work force which will work on your directions. We are a start up and we expect everyone to make, break, re-make - all on their own.
e.  If you are shifting from another city, kindly understand the implications clearly. We do not expect you to quit in few days citing reasons like 'not liking the city', 'water not suiting me', 'people at home need me' etc etc. Kindly take clearance from your parents, friends, pets, uncle, uncle from the neighborhood, so on and so forth to avoid any issues later.
f. We will keep updating this list. Keep a watch.

Job Profile:  Mechanical Engineer/Design Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer at 3DPrintronics, you will

•    Assist in manufacturing current products.
•    Assist in mechanical design of components, subsystems, machine parts.
•    Assist with new product development projects to include fabrication of prototypes, testing.
•    Respond to customer identified technical issues/requests, to include providing resolution on identified issues.
•    Provide technical information on product use.
•    Continuous effort to upgrade and reduce cost of current product
•    Carry out demonstration of products to clients


B.E. in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics preferred. However, if you meet our skill set, qualification really does not matter.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

•    CAD experience with SolidWorks, Google Sketch up.
•    Knowledge of and experience with 3D printers or similar industry products like CNC machines preferred.
•    Previous experience designing automated equipment (CNC, industrial, robots, etc)
•    Proven self-starter, good interpersonal and time management skills, and ability to work with minimal direction
•     Current owner of a 3D printer.
•     Active participant in the open hardware community – experience on Arduino, Rpi counts.
What we will give you?

We will give you the following.

a. Contemporary Salary which is befitting your skills. We will elaborate on salary in the offer letter.
b. A room to stay with basic amenities with chargeable electricity, water and nominal rent.

What do you have to send us ?

a. Apart from your resume please send us details about any projects that you have worked upon or that you are currently working upon. Pictures, references, videos etc will surely help.

b. You can find our contact details on our contact page. Kindly use the subject - 'Career at 3DPrintronics' in your email lest it should find its way into the spam folder and we are deprived a chance to consider you.
c. Once you mail us your details, kindly be patient and wait for us to contact you.

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